If there’s anything parents are instinctively good at, it’s worrying. Before our babies are even born, we’re experts and can think of infinite things to worry about.

Will my child be born healthy? Roll over? Brush his teeth long enough? Eat enough vegetables? Be normal? Learn to read? Have friends? Have the right friends? Get good grades? Stay away from drugs? Get a job? Drive carefully? Go to prom with a nice boy? Be successful? Graduate from college? Get a real job? Get married? Stay married? The list of things to worry about goes on and on.

But one of the biggest worries is your child’s health. Whether your child is 2 or 22, it’s scary and unnerving for a parent when a health concern comes out of nowhere.

My husband and I experienced this last week. Our healthy 16-year-old cross-country runner had a sudden health issue that required last-minute surgery. Seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it is the worst feeling ever. Watching your child be rolled away on a hospital bed into surgery isn’t comforting either. Parents like to be in control, and that is the epitome of giving up all control.

Thankfully, our situation wasn’t life-threatening or something that would be potentially life-altering for her, but I know this isn’t always the case for many parents. I can’t fathom the stress and anxiety that these struggling parents must feel.

In these situations (and others big and small), my husband and I turn to the Lord for peace, strength, comfort, and understanding. But it’s also a blessing to turn to health care professionals who can ease our anxiety and provide comfort.

The doctors, CRNAs, anesthesiologists, pre and post-op nurses, admissions reps, emergency personnel, and everyone we came in contact with in Bryan Health’s outpatient surgery department gave my daughter outstanding care. These people work long, hard hours, and we came to see them in the late afternoon when many of them were ready to end their shifts. They were kind, patient, thorough, and did all they could do to keep our 16-year-old comfortable before, during, and after surgery. They listened and answered our questions and made sure we didn’t leave until it was safe and appropriate.

I’m happy to add that her recovery has been uneventful and speedy. In fact, today—less than a week after surgery—she is back at work.

We drive by Bryan Health numerous times a week getting from here to there and never think much about it. But when you suddenly need urgent, specific health care for your child, it’s good to know there’s a quality institution like Bryan Health with personnel committed to quality patient care nearby.

Bryan Health Emergency Services

Bryan Health offers 24/7 immediate, urgent care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

Anne Blankenbiller

Anne Blankenbiller

K-12 & Teens

Most of my mornings, afternoons, and evenings are spent driving the kids here and there—and then back to here again. Every child is a gift on loan from God. As parents, our job is to raise that child to be an independent adult who can contribute to the world using the gifts and talents he or she was given. It is hands-down the most important job on earth!

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