This past weekend we celebrated my grandson’s third birthday. What fun! His birthday party theme was superheroes. My daughter made him a superhero cape and a superhero crown. He opened his gift with such sweet enthusiasm. “Thith is mine?!? Thith is awthum!!” He proceeded to don the crown and cape. Then he stretched out his arms to fly. “I fwy!” “Yeth! I fwy!”

Believing You Can Fly

Such a sweet time of life, to believe that putting on a cloth crown and cape would cause him to fly simply because he wanted to. I wish that was all it took for us to reach heights we’ve never seen. That flying is as simple as stretching out our arms.

As we become adults, we know that it doesn’t work that way. The pull of the ground is too great. The reality of life is very heavy. Our make believe world is very hard to hold on to. But what can we learn of that small, innocent, insightful dream? That desire to fly? To be the superhero?

Specially Made

Hopefully, little Benson will learn that he is special. A person who is made in a very unique way, to fulfill a very unique job. A job designed especially for him. He can grow into that man, who is the only one on Earth who can fulfill this calling. I truly believe that each child is that special. The key is for the parent and the child to work together to help the child discover all that she or he was created to be, and to guide the child to gradually become that person. It’s a process for the teacher (parent) and the child.

This process takes patience, understanding and love. It requires the parent to see the potential of their child. Sometimes, with all the demands of life, potential is difficult to see. Day-to-day pressure and workload can cloud the eyes of a parent.

A Grandparent’s Perspective

Seeing potential is a perfect role for a grandparent. Grandparents, having a larger reservoir of experience, often have the ability to sift through childishness and hone in on a child’s uniqueness more quickly than a parent. It’s also not required that the grandparent be present all the time to see into a child’s heart. Grandparents, I believe, are naturally tuned to seeing little superheroes in their grandchildren!

So parents, next time you are together with your parents, ask what they see in your children. You’ll be surprised what superheroes may be living among you!


Even superheroes need rest.




Grandkids & Grandparents

I have been married to the greatest guy on earth, Mark, for 30 years. We have three wonderful children and three of the cutest grandchildren in the world, of course. And to our great delight, we have two more grandchildren due in March! As I blog each month, you will meet each of the members of my family as they are the reason that I have anything to say at all.

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