Hello! Let me start out by saying I have a news background, and I am used to sticking to the who, what, where, when and whys of a story. I don’t ever go into details, and rarely do I share my feelings on paper, but here it goes…

My name is Mallory. I was born and raised in Lincoln and I have no plans to leave anytime soon. There’s a sense of comfort that comes from knowing your town like the back of your hand.

I attended the University of Nebraska—Lincoln where I graduated with a degree in journalism. As a college freshman, I met my future husband, Mitch, and we’ve been together ever since. We married in June 2010, and had our first child, Cohen, in May 2011. With what felt like a rapid pace, we transitioned from a family of three to a family of four when welcomed our daughter Collyns in April 2014.

In addition to the time I devote to being a mom, I also work full-time outside the home, which means my day is hardly ever as simple as nine to five. With an all too established schedule, as soon as I walk through the door, my day doesn’t end, but rather just begins.

It is a balancing act especially with two children, but being a mom is one full-time job that I never want to quit!

Growing up, I know many girls have the dream of being a doctor, lawyer or a teacher, but I knew I wanted to be a mom. I learned at a young age that a mother is more than a role model, but a best friend. My mother showed me what it’s like to be both the greatest mom and friend, and that’s why I wanted to have my dream job.

Each day, I experience the power of the bond between mother and child. It’s a bond that’s established at conception and brought to fullness at birth. It’s because of the wonderful birthing experience I’ve had with both of my children that I am able to really focus on that special bond.

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