One advantage of ‘growing up’ is being a grandparent. The joy of spending time with your grandkids is priceless. So, you want to do all you can to stay healthy and fit, and to find ideas for great ways to spend quality time together. We can help!

Recent Posts for Grandparents

Succulents Suck

This summer, we had a granddaughter working at one of those pop-up green houses. Her location was near one of the Super Savers in town.I bought a flat of marigolds and planted them early. She was a great help in picking out the color and size of the...

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Life Is Full of Puzzles

The other week I went to Omaha to visit my sister, her husband and our foreign exchange student visiting from Norway. Bjorg stayed with us during the '62-'63 school year. Although we've seen each other about every seven years, all of us understand those...

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Family Sequels

I was watching the evening news the other day and after the story I felt I was having a deja vu experience. I asked myself, "When was the last time the government took the action the news was reporting?" We've been here before and it didn't turn out well...

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Grandmas Get Pimples

One day last week, I woke up with a sore in the corner of my lips. I didn't think much about it but the next morning it was bigger, redder and hurt just a tad. It wasn't time to call the doctor, but I wanted to keep my eye on it.What started as a stressful...

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Breaking Through to My Grandkids

For many reasons, communicating with teenaged grandkids can be difficult. I know I’m a lucky grandma because my grandkids live near me in Lincoln. However, I still don’t get a chance to see them as often as I would like, and even though I can see my grandkids every day, I may not be communicating very well.

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Returning Gifts Online: Tips for Senior Citizens

When your grandkids are older, you no longer ask their parents what they’d like for Christmas and birthdays; you go straight to the source. Maybe they’ll tell you what they really want, but are afraid to ask for it from their parents. Perhaps I’m still waiting for the day when they say, “Nothing, Grandma. Just to connect more with you.” Wouldn’t that be nice?

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