One advantage of ‘growing up’ is being a grandparent. The joy of spending time with your grandkids is priceless. So, you want to do all you can to stay healthy and fit, and to find ideas for great ways to spend quality time together. We can help!

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Recent Posts for Grandparents

Operation Cheetos

Our youngest grandchild and only grandson was asked to participate in a contest/skit during his high school pep rally. Seeing pictures of the event made me smile. I was pleased to see he actually attended the pep rally and supported the fall athletes and coaches! Remember, I’m a retired high school principal, and there were always kids who thought a pep rally was a reason to skip school.

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It’s Little Women!

Recently, I took my granddaughters to the movie, Ocean's 8. Our grandson had a baseball game, and it was his loss, both figuratively and literally. However, during the credits I was surprised when a familiar movie and novel appeared, Little Women. Queue a...

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Five Things to Quit Right Now

Let me be transparent here — I'm not obsessed with social media. I'd much prefer my social interactions to be face to face. Having said that, I do write a blog and I like Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, near and far. I'm a Facebook...

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Dandelion Crowns for the Grandkids

One of my summer jobs is to keep the weeds in check. I do my best to patrol the yard, our raised garden and an area between a couple of houses that I call the “no person’s land”. I’ve discovered that if I patrol at least twice a week, I can keep on top of the task—heaven forbid we go on a two-week vacation.

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Can Grandparents Be a Bad Influence?

Last week, I read the “Ask the Doctor” column in the Lincoln Journal Star. I’m not a frequent reader of the column, but I do look at the headlines, and I will read the article if I think it’s a topic that could affect me. The title of this “Ask the Doctor” column was “Can Grandparents Be a Bad Influence?”.

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Grandma’s Book Club Blunder

I participate in two book clubs, each one very unique with members providing different perspectives due to the diverse membership. I love the challenges these book clubs give me. Reading books I would not pick up on my own and participating in the discussions are amazing experiences.

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