About a month ago, I listened to nationally known motivational speaker Mike Smith, who discussed the difference between wishing, talking and doing.

  • Wisher: someone who creates a wish list of things to accomplish
  • Talker: someone who talks about doing things but never really executes the task
  • Doer: someone who puts their feet, heart and head into action

In my mind, I had always thought of myself as a doer. However, reality hit me during the presentation—I am a wisher and talker. I have so many ideas on my bucket list, but I rarely execute. I wish my actions were more aimed toward doing.

Encouraging Doing

My husband, both of our daughters and I all listened to the same speaker. What I took away from our family’s conversations is that we’re all inspired to do more.

As I was pondering how I can encourage our children to be doers, negative thoughts stopped me in my tracks—fear of the unknown, fear of going against the norm, being busy, lacking resources, etc. How I am going become a doer if I let fear guide me? How am I going to encourage my kids to become doers if I don’t model it?

Fast forward a week, and our oldest daughter comes home one evening after hanging out with friends to say, “Mom, my friends and I started our 100 things list.” I was intrigued.

What was on the list? What were the requirements to make the list? When…no, wait, how are you going to accomplish this list? All of these things were running through my head. However, I had to tell myself, what’s on the list does not matter.

What stands out to me is the fact that my daughter and her friends want to be doers. They’re inspired to make their high school years an experience they will never forget. They want to avoid being simple wishers or talkers and delve into the doing mindset.

Creating Accountability

My thoughts instantly changed. Now, I realized, I must inspire my daughter and her friends. Now, I must encourage them to accomplish the list, even hold them accountable.

And therein lies the challenge: holding them accountable in a world that’s insta-everything, where most of our memories are in the cloud or on social media. This list will not be accomplished overnight. They’re going to have to be patient. They’re going to have to be faithful to this journey.

I need something tangible, something that they can see, something that’s small, yet something that will hold their memories. The idea: a photo journal. This is how I’m going to inspire these friends to be faithful to this list, to be doers, and not just wishers and talkers.

I will help them create this journal with photos and write down their memories. Right now, I know my daughter is thinking this is a “corny” idea. But if this mom’s vision can hold them accountable, what a great memory will be found on each student’s graduation table!

Life is all about experiences, and I want my daughter and her friends to enjoy this high school experience and make the most of it. I want each of them to look at him or herself and say “I am a doer.

Shelly Mowinkel

Shelly Mowinkel

K-12 & Teens

My husband and I have three kids. Our oldest is a freshman in high school, and our youngest is in second grade. Most days, I feel like we are a “tag-team chauffeuring” service, yet I wouldn’t have our life any other way. Not only I am a business/technology teacher at Milford, I am also the district technology integration specialist. I love teaching because I get the opportunity to make those around me better. My hope is that, through my blogging, I am able to inspire, encourage, and share with you my adventures of being a wife, mother, and professional.

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