As your child grows and enters the teen years, there’s a lot to consider and think to ensure your child is safe, happy and healthy. From physical care to emotional and behavioral care, we’re here to help. Our experts can provide guidance for parents and youth, so you have the skills to take on new growth opportunities.

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Recent Posts About K-12 Kids

Parent Confession: I Hate Doing Homework

I have a confession to make. I hate homework. I hate doing it. I hate helping with it. I hate the mere existence of it. It started in kindergarten, and year by year, it gets worse. I already did 15+ years of it myself. Now, I have many more years of helping my kids with their homework!

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Am I a Wisher, Talker, or Doer?

About a month ago, I listened to nationally known motivational speaker Mike Smith, who discussed the difference between wishing, talking and doing. In my mind, I had always thought of myself as a doer. However, reality hit me during the presentation—I am a wisher and talker.

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Mommy Me Time

We all have our mommy to-do lists. After dropping off the kids, working a full day with deadlines that never end, picking up the kids, making dinner, doing homework, giving baths, reading stories before bed and doing housework, I am too tired to do anything for me.

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How a Teacher Makes a Big Difference

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through the school year! This summer, I wrote about the anxiety of Cohen starting a new school year. Last year, his kindergarten year (you may remember) didn’t go so well. He received numerous safe seats, hated school, acted out and wasn’t the kid I knew.

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Should Kids Write Thank You Notes?

Growing up, I was required to write thank you notes for all my birthdays. My grandma would always call after my birthday and ask if I’d gotten her card in the mail. I always felt awful if I didn’t acknowledge her with a phone call or note.

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Join the Fun with Kids’ Club

Looking for a great way to enjoy fun activities with your kids and teach them about healthy habits for life? Join the Bryan Kids’ Club. It’s perfect for kids up to age 12, and it’s free!

Navigating the Path Together

Today’s youth have a lot to handle. It can be overwhelming – for your child and for you as a parent. If you have questions about behaviors you see in your child, we can help.

When You Need Care

Getting sick or hurt is never convenient. From minor illnesses and injuries to serious health conditions, turn to Bryan. We provide the expertise and care you need. Choose from our online Bryan Health ezVisit to Bryan Urgent Care walk-in clinic to three emergency rooms ready to help you.

Pediatric Therapy

When your child faces challenges from an injury or condition at birth, you want the best to help them grow up to be successful. Our expert therapists want that too, and take pride in helping your child grow and learn.

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