Ensuring your child is safe, happy and healthy is your top priority as a parent and it’s our top priority too. From our Kids’ Club offering fun activities to our specialized care for a toddler’s special needs. We’re with you, and your little one, every new step of the way!

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Recent Posts About Toddlers

4 Ways to Simplify the Holiday Season

I vividly remember how special my parents made the Christmas season, especially Christmas Eve. We had supper, went to midnight mass and then around 1:30 in the morning, we opened presents. Somehow mom managed to keep all the gifts hidden, and while we opened presents she had a story for each one.

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I Want My Mommy

Some children say goodbye and hop right into the classroom without a backwards glance. Others have a hard time leaving the protective arms of the parent. Sometimes, it's the parent who has a hard time letting go. My daughter Collyns has a touch of...

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Living in the Moment

In high school, we had to take a survey that asked, “When will you be living your best life?” Childhood, high school, college, adult or retirement? But why is life broken down by stages? Wouldn’t it be better to live in the moment?

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Making Friends in Your 30s

Making new friends is difficult at any age. Though, arguably, the older I get, the harder it becomes. No longer can I rely on a lucky class schedule or a gaggle of neighborhood kids when it comes to making connections. At a certain age, now, I actually kind of have to, you know, work for it (ugh).

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The Romantic Rut

Date night? What’s that? The thing I replaced with “Your turn to bathe the kids” night or “I’m working late again” night. Lately, I noticed that my husband and I have been in a rut. It’s routine, routine, routine…and no romance.

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Mommy Me Time

We all have our mommy to-do lists. After dropping off the kids, working a full day with deadlines that never end, picking up the kids, making dinner, doing homework, giving baths, reading stories before bed and doing housework, I am too tired to do anything for me.

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Kids Club

Looking for a great way to enjoy fun activities with your toddler and teach them about healthy habits for life? Join the Bryan Kids’ Club. It’s perfect for kids up to age 12, and it’s free!

Bryan Health Resources

Wherever life leads, we’re here for you. Whether you’re welcoming a new member to your family, looking for ways to stay fit, thinking about a new career in health care, or want to give back by volunteering. You can turn to us, and we’ll move Forward. Together.

Care When You Need It

Getting sick or hurt is never convenient. From minor illnesses and injuries to serious health conditions, turn to Bryan. We provide the expertise and care you need. Choose from our online Bryan Health ezVisit to Bryan Urgent Care walk-in clinic to three emergency rooms ready to help you.

Pediatric Therapy

When your child faces challenges from an injury or condition at birth, you want the best to help them grow up to be successful. Our expert therapists want that too, and take pride in helping your child grow and learn.

Find a Doctor

At Bryan, we have over 570 specialty and family practice doctors to care for any need you have. Find the right doctor for you. Search by specialty, view doctor videos and even request an appointment online. Life’s busy, we make finding a doctor fast and easy to fit your schedule.

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