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The birth of a baby is a miracle. It's a life-changing and exciting time for families. CapitalMOM is Bryan Health's online community for Nebraska parents to connect with one another and learn about the joys of pregnancy, birthing, and parenting.

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Meet Tifini

Delicious DIY Summer Recipes for Toddlers

What to feed a toddler? That is a loaded question! In a society that has daily reviews of what our food is really made up of such as artificial dyes, GMO’s, hormone exposure and so on; I have decided to be a very conscious mom about what I’m feeding my daughter. I only have a […]


Sweet Baby Blues Part Two

Sometimes you get a once in a lifetime chance. A chance to choose to impact a person, a family.  You may not get a standing ovation or a tight gripped hug, but would you still make the choice to help?   I challenged the people of Lincoln with this question in my last blog and […]

Meet Adam

Biking in Lincoln

For many, as soon as we turned 16 we parked our bicycles and traded them in for vehicles on four wheels. I recently rediscovered the joys of cycling and there really is no better time than now for you to do the same. Lincoln is quickly becoming a city that caters to individuals and families […]


Get Outdoors

I want you to think about your childhood. What are the experiences you most remember? Who did you most look up to? I grew up hunting, fishing and being in the outdoors. Some of my fondest memories of childhood are being in the outdoors. My brother and I would be out in the lawn or […]

Meet Anne

More Things We Should Say to Our Kids

I have seen articles and lists created by parenting and family experts of specific things parents should say to their children. Things like, “I’m sorry” and “I believe in you” or “I’m proud of you.” I agree wholeheartedly. Our kids need to hear these things from their parents or guardians over and over.   I’m […]


Around the Dinner Table

Does your family eat at least one meal a day together? And I mean sitting at a table — not perched in front of the television.   This may sound like something from the Leave It to Beaver days, but the Robertson clan (think Duck Dynasty) has brought it back in style.   As simple […]


Cool Ways to Beat the Heat | Kim Dierks, Pediatric Nurse Manager

With temperatures rising into the 100s this week, it’s important to take precautions so your children avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke.   Heat exhaustion occurs when children experience heavy sweating, weakness, fainting and vomiting.   Heat strokes (or sun strokes) affect children when they are exposed to, and absorb, more heat than they can […]


Summertime Family Food

As a full time dietitian, wife to a busy husband and mother to three active children (11, 8 and 6), it is difficult to keep everyone on track and eating the right foods when school is out of session.   Quick tips that help: Start the day off with protein Yogurt Toast or English muffin […]

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