As your child grows and enters the teen years, there’s a lot to consider and think to ensure your child is safe, happy and healthy. From physical care to emotional and behavioral care, we’re here to help. Our experts can provide guidance for parents and youth, so you have the skills to take on new growth opportunities.

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Recent Posts About K-12 Kids

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Even when I solicit input from my trusted and valued advisers — aka “my best mom friends” — I make the decisions and suffer the consequences. I addressed my son’s issues at school in my previous blogs — to be honest, he hates it. He hates talking about...

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Five Things to Quit Right Now

Let me be transparent here — I'm not obsessed with social media. I'd much prefer my social interactions to be face to face. Having said that, I do write a blog and I like Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, near and far. I'm a Facebook...

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Teaching My Family About Healthy Living

Half marathons. Triathlons. Road races. Fitness classes. Personal training. No sugar challenges. I think you can see a pattern here. For a majority of my life, I have valued exercise because I liked the discipline. I liked achieving goals. I liked the...

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Living in the Moment

In high school, we had to take a survey that asked, “When will you be living your best life?” Childhood, high school, college, adult or retirement? But why is life broken down by stages? Wouldn’t it be better to live in the moment?

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The Dreaded Chores

Chores. One of the most dreaded words around our house. Let it be known, I have already won the “Worst Mom” of the year award. According to our children, I am the only mom who assigns these tasks; however, I find this statement hard to believe.

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Small Town, Big Heart

“Small town, big heart”—the sign said it all. The girl in the stands was holding it with pride at the last basketball game. I saw the sign, and I smiled. This small town did have an extremely big heart, and it holds a special place in mine.

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Join the Fun with Kids’ Club

Looking for a great way to enjoy fun activities with your kids and teach them about healthy habits for life? Join the Bryan Kids’ Club. It’s perfect for kids up to age 12, and it’s free!

Navigating the Path Together

Today’s youth have a lot to handle. It can be overwhelming – for your child and for you as a parent. If you have questions about behaviors you see in your child, we can help.

When You Need Care

Getting sick or hurt is never convenient. From minor illnesses and injuries to serious health conditions, turn to Bryan. We provide the expertise and care you need. Choose from our online Bryan Health ezVisit to Bryan Urgent Care walk-in clinic to three emergency rooms ready to help you.

Pediatric Therapy

When your child faces challenges from an injury or condition at birth, you want the best to help them grow up to be successful. Our expert therapists want that too, and take pride in helping your child grow and learn.

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